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Thread: Tank Versions and fork lowers

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    Tank Versions and fork lowers

    Morning All

    First post.

    I'm running a lightly customized XS650 and I've installed an SR500 tank on it. The tank is perfect and I've tried to get hold of a second tank and bought the first decent looking SR500 tank on eBay. Either one of my tanks isn't from an SR500 or the SR500 ran different tank shapes for different model years. Is that correct ?

    I've got photos and measurements of the differences, but effectively the first tank had petcock mount holes about midway up the tank ( which foul on my XS650 heads need to address that ) and has a deeper neck indent. The second tank has petcock mount holes much closer to the rear of the tank and is narrower at the rear as well ). Photos to follow for clarification.

    I'm still looking for a second SR500 tank, but want to make sure I get the correct one this time.

    I also need some fork lowers and I've had a sniff that the '76 on XS650 ( mine ) and the SR500 share the same fork lowers. Photos look correct, but wanted to get expert opinion.

    Thanks for reading.
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    I suspect your red tank is from a US Custom/SE/Heritage version of an XS650, the twin taps & badge mounts do it for me.

    650's went to 35mm forks from '77 onwards (SR's are all 35mm), check what you've got.



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    Thanks MadMax.

    Forks on mine are 35mm so I'm good to go with SR500 fork lowers. The tank hunt will go on.

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    hallo flamesnm

    welcome to the forum.
    lots of knowledge here.
    one thing could you fill in your location into your profile?
    it might be usefull to know where one lives.
    thank you


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    I don’t think any of those tanks look like SR ones, the rear mounts, shape of underside and amount of taper don’t look right, also the front rubbers should fit on to studs on the frame not on tank, been wrong before,,,,but only once.

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    If neither of them ( and a previous tank that was also wrong ) are not off an SR500, that would explain why I can't get another one the same I've also been wrong before, probably more often.

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