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Thread: Howdy from Fort Worth, Texas

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    Howdy from Fort Worth, Texas

    I've been reading the forum for a while; I have a '78 SR500 that's pretty much stock. I bought it maybe 20 years ago but it was with a friend of mine for the last several years and I have recently gotten it back. With the help of another friend, I am getting it back into shape a bit at a time. There are issues, but I'll post them on the appropriate forums. Yes, my love of thumpers goes back a long way; I bought a BSA 441 Victor in 1971 and it was my only bike for a few years. It had class and character, but none of you will be surprised when I say that the SR500 is a much better motorcycle..
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    What is the 'go-to' place for BBQ in FW now?
    Also, please be good enough to add your location to your profile, it helps a bunch after you move on to new posts with different headers.
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