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Thread: No Spark On My 500F Roadster

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    Sorry...I mean with the bike in the garage safely on the stand...not riding the bike.

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    bmonk, you bring up a good point because the last 2 little trips I'm careful to have my cell phone & remind my wife where the loading ramp is located. I even offered to put the ramps in the PU, but she says she can manage.

    I may do some steering lock testing.

    Good idea.


    P.S. Your outlined stator test is now part of my Clymer book (good stuff).
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    With no blowing fuse, sparks or smokin' wires it isnt a short. This happens with hot + powered wires hitting ground -, either hard bike parts or another wire in loom that goes to ground.
    An 'open', ie, broken wire can be as simple as not making connection at a terminating end where it plugs in. I once had a wire that looked fine but the break was at the wire going into the metal bullet connector. 'Somebody' had pulled too hard (had to pull too hard) to disconnect it at some point. The wire inside had separated but the sheathing had not. Hard one to find, that.
    Another 'open' is connectors not actually making connection; ie, in a con-block the terminals may not seat. I had one once that the retaining clip had let one block female end back out just enough to make intermittent contact. Dirty/corroded contacts there are not good either. That layer of corrosion can prevent the flow of electrons (example: the old corroded battery terminal thing; this happens in looms too). You may have 'solved' the issue in the unplugging/plugging in of the wiring you worked with.
    I looked back through this forum for my ignition switch refurb, didnt find it; must be on the old one. That was clearly the cdi 'shut-off wire' going to ground. If this had been a live/hot/+ wire I would have had sparks. As was, it just shut the bike off while running down the road. I had intermittent issues prior to; a stumble, hickup, etc. but this was the real deal go dead while riding. I was VERY happy it was a back country road rather than busy highway. I pulled over, messed with it, had NO spark (an no cell phone) so I put it back together and was going to stash the bike and walk but i decided to try again. Fired up and got me home, worked a few more times, occasional stumble then died dead for sure one day some miles from home just coming up on a truck stop so i coasted in.
    Trailered home and found it straight away that time in checking the cdi wire to key switch (grounded with key off, should have not been grounded with key on but was still. Either the problem was external from the cdi box or internal. I couldnt do anything about internal but I could back-check for external easy enough and there it was, the wiring going up into that underside of the key switch, sheath worn through and touching ground.
    I surely hope you NEVER have the bike die suddenly while running down a busy road!
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