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Thread: VM/Mikuni carb...only starts after adjusting the air screw

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    So what kind of adjustments would get more air for starting? Needle adjustment...smaller slow jet?
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    What is in the carb?
    Pilot jet
    Main jet
    Needle jet
    Needle clip position
    Slide cutaway
    If you dont have this noted from when last apart it needs to go into the bike's maintenance log.
    If you have to take it apart to find out I suggest you take up Solo2racr on the 'bring it by' offer and expedite the process.
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    All of the above LOL. Life is not allowing me time for that kind of evaluation right now. Assuming it starts the way it does, I will check out the plugs to make sure I'm not too rich/lean and roll with what I have.

    Thanks all!

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