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Thread: Sorry - another carb settings question from newbie

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    Sorry - another carb settings question from newbie

    Please help Guys

    Recommended settings for:

    Mikuni VM36 round slide

    Bike is 1990s SR500 with no air box, K&N filter and wider header pipe and fairly free exhaust

    I live at sea level and just need easy starting and smooth running

    I know this is a can of worms, but there must be generally accepted baseline settings?

    Would like to get it sorted while the sun is still shining here in UK!

    Many thanks


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    Mark,trust me every application is slightly different but this will get you somewhere close : pilot-25-30,needle 6DH3,slide 2.5,main 220-230,needle jet P4 or possibly weaker if rich problems occur.Kick off with needle on middle notch.Do the usual checks ....plug colour,clean revving to redline,if it bogs and gets lumpy mid throttle position try lowering the needle a notch,if its lumpy at small throttle position turn the airscrew out BUT if you need to go more than 1&1/2 turns out in total from fully screwed in try a smaller pilot jet,personally I would go 25 first.Goodluck.


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    Many thanks Andy


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    Would the jetting be the same for a VM34 with K&N, no airbox, free flowing exhaust Andy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dorkingyam View Post
    Would the jetting be the same for a VM34 with K&N, no airbox, free flowing exhaust Andy?
    Yes, that is what I am running, Andy walked me through the jetting a couple of years ago, many thanks to him! I have the VM34, K&N filter, no airbox, mild street cam with stock piston, custom header and Delkevic silencer. Starts first or second kick and pulls well to red line. He can help if there are glitches.

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    That gives me encouragement - thanks.
    Wow - Idaho - must be great biking country

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    What model K&N is best for vm43 carb please?
    Can I use stock manifold - no vacuum?
    Will all types of SR500 petcocks work on the tanks - vacuum/non-vacuum?



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    Yes,same applies. I've ran 34 & 36 and I'm a big fan of the 34,better throttle response,better fuel consumption. 36 is used by many [and 38] but my opinion is it only perhaps gives an advantage at the very top end.These engines have limited breathing ability in basic stock/mild tune can shove in as much fuel as you like via a bigger carb but can you burn it ? not in my opinion, 34 is spot on.

    Fuel taps-I binned the original and went with a gravity type fuel tap from Mikes XS,on,off,reserve-nice and simple.If you run a 36 or 34 with a vaccum stub just block it off.I think I'm right in saying the 34-168 has no vaccum take off stub.Keep your stock manifold and block off the stub or buy another with no vac stub.

    Air filter-I use a Ramair foam type filter,cheap and cheerful in comparison to the K&N but washable.K&N's-fit the biggest one you can in the space you've got [so the experts say] I think you want one with a slight angle to help clearance issues,check their catalogue for the umpteen different sizes,diameters,angles etc.etc.

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    Great - many thanks for all you help Andy.
    Will get started tomorrow and keep you updated.



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    Hi Andy

    Investigations reveal header pipe rusty and holey - any benefit in ordering replacement performance header with VM34, K&N and no air box, or would stock header be as good?



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