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Thread: Engine dying at idle

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    Engine dying at idle

    Today for the first time my bike died while idling. It started up fine and I rode about a mile or so before I had to stop at a light, where it died even before I could stop - I was in first with the clutch in. It wouldn't restart. I thought it might have been related to the 100+-mile ride in the belting rain a few days ago, so I pushed it over to the side of the road and looked around. I noticed some moisture in the spark plug boot, so I dried that, and took out the plug to check it - it looked fine. I really didn't know what else to do there on the side of the road.

    After about 10 minutes I was able to get it to start again, but it just barely wheezed to life before I gave it some throttle. I let it idle in neutral while I put my gear back on, and it died after about 20 seconds. I pushed the bastard about a quarter mile and tried again, and the same thing - barely came alive, and after I put some throttle on it I got it home without letting it idle. In the driveway I put it in neutral and it died again after about 20 seconds.

    I did notice that when I was trying to kick it over, I smelled gas - not something I normally notice. I also heard the fuel pump each time I kicked, but I'm not sure if that's unusual - I usually wear ear plugs so I might just have not noticed before. But the smell of gas was pretty strong. I can't see any obvious leaks.

    I have a feeling it's either somehow related to the long wet ride (which was the last time I rode it) or the error code 24 I'm getting from the check engine light, and which just started over the weekend while I was out giving it hell in the mountains. I believe that's the O2 sensor code, and I do have a Fuel Commander Fuel Controller on there, so I'm not surprised to see the light, but I also am under the impression that it's not a big deal. Maybe I'm wrong.

    Any thoughts are appreciated. Not under warranty, so I'm not going to run to the dealer if I can help it. Thanks!

    EDIT: I took off the air box cover and removed the filter. It started up the same way, and then died after about a minute. I noticed white vapor seeping back out of the air intake at the front of the box, where it goes into the injector body, and a strong smell of gas. After a few minutes I started it up again, and it ran without problem for over five minutes, and when I shut it down, no vapor and no gas smell. But I'm not confident I've solved anything.
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    Is it possible that moisture got into the fuel somehow during that rainy ride? Maybe try burning off the rest of the tank and filling with fresh gas?

    I'm not sure about the code for the o2 sensor, I don't know how "smart" this bike's EFI system is.


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    I found a few other places that mentioned the PC can cause this exact stall problem. Combined with the fact that it was also causing an occasional fuel hiccup from a cold start and it was throwing a code, I just decided to remove it. Runs fine now, at least on a test ride. There's a bit more popping on deceleration than I'd like, but the PC was only sort of handling that issue anyway.

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