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Thread: Saw this on my local Craigslist (CA central Coast)

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    Saw this on my local Craigslist (CA central Coast)

    I don't know the guy, in all my riding on the Central Coast I have never seen another SR 400 or 500. I don't know if his asking price is reasonable, but I thought it might be of interest to someone here.

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    I have yet to see an sr400, but i did see one sr500 in town about one year ago, but since the 500's only were imported for a short time, 40 years ago, and almost no 400's have been sold, i guess it makes sense. If and when i ever see a reasonably priced, and stock sr400 for sale I'll be first in line to buy it. About 1-1/2 years ago, i saw a dealer selling a new one for just under 5k plus tax and license. Chunk.

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    Does that chain look a little dry and rusty to you guys? Maybe he is in the habit of pressure washing it and then not lubing the chain and cables and pivots? Still, probably hasn't had time to do real damage (except maybe for the chain)

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    A lot of non-bike or scooter folks dont realize a chain needs to be lubed. A little conversation about the owners 'back story' of why he choose the SR, etc. can lead to him giving a good bit of info.
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