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Thread: SR400 Needs Oil Priming Too?

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    SR400 Needs Oil Priming Too?

    Iíve followed the threads about the SR500 losing oil pump prime and the service manual procedure on p. 3-30 after a total rebuild.

    However, the service manual for the SR400 omits any reference to the necessity of manual priming so I wonder thereís been some some upgrade / redesign?

    I still think it good practice for even the SR400 after a regular oil change to add some oil back into the crankcase through the breather spigot and fill the filter housing through the bleed screw on top. It was not reassuring to see how long it takes fresh oil to pump back up to the rocker box otherwise.

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    Yes, it is still basically exactly the same engine...

    ...'Any unnecessary items on the bike, that it doesn't really need, shouldn't be there!'. (Cafť racers creed). SR..

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    Yeah, it can be a long 30 seconds or so waiting for the oil at the bleeder.

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