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Thread: Air adjustment screw, needle sharp or flat tip?

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    Things are looking up! I finally connected with a guy in Dallas that had a box of SR parts from a build he did a few years ago, including a stock carb, for $50. I went over today, and he had some other projects there. We hung and talked a while and he said "Do you need a tank?" Mine is pretty beat, and he gave me one that's in really good shape! Did I mention that he is a really nice guy?

    I took my carb off the bike, and would still be happy to be able to get the needle tip out of it. Man, the end of these is a really tiny diameter, and that's all that's sticking through. I put some pressure on it, but I don't want to flatten it out or bend it. I would be taking all my "new" carb parts off to put on the recently acquired body anyway, so I may as well try the heat thing. But I should be good now in any case, and with a good tank too!

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    Well, I've finally gotten back to the carb and have stripped down both of the ones I have. I had difficulty removing the "Choke" plunger from the recently acquired carb, as the nut and seal for that was missing and I guess it corroded. The surprise was that when I did get it out, it didn't look like mine. Rather, it looks like mine but with a ~1/2" brass shaft extending out of the bottom of it, where mine has a flat bottomed plunger. Any ideas on this? It seems like this part of the body would be incompatible with my parts. Thanks.

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    Your good!!! They made some changes on the {rebuild parts}. Your original bad carb had a {rebuild part in it}, the factory plunger had a shaft on the end that's not really needed, I remember this coming up in the past! I went to the old forum and looked it up you can it see here - By the way I don't think they really wear-out? If you have a micrometer check the barrel and shaft size of both and see if the old factory one is the same, Then take your pick. Just put a fresh seal on P/S I still have and old one in mine
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    OK, mystery solved! My buddy that was working on my bike put a carb kit in it and gave me a bag with the old parts. I wasn't familiar with them then; I'm a LOT more familiar now, and realized I had the old part with the shaft on it.
    For all interested, I tried the "oven baked carb" recipe, built a little jig to hold it when it came out but was not able to move the broken tip. So, I drilled it out with a #38 bit and the air screw did poke its tip into the venturi. I re-assembled and got it started, but didn't have time to mess with it much. I didn't have any parts left over, so how bad could it be?

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    Things are looking good. The bike starts easily and idles at 1100 rpm. I rode it to get an inspection, maybe 10 miles total, and it did great. There's a bit of a drip but I haven't located the source. Thanks to everyone that's posted info on the forum; its a lifesaver.

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