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Thread: Is this Silencer a waste of time ?

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    Is this Silencer a waste of time ?

    Hi just looking at potential Silencers , this seems very cheap ? worth a shot ?

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    I had a chrome version which was identical to this once. It has quite a bark and a slight metallic ring which can get intrusive and will need to be re jutted to suit. The fitting was a bit awkward as the rear brake pedal kept hitting it, so a short link pipe with a slight bend was needed. Another member also from Oxford has just fitted something similar maybe shout him up.

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    Thanks ,sorry dident even look at that thread bofore posting ,


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    Decent company to deal with Nozz,reckon I tried one of those silencers at some stage,echo what Simon said.Just worth mentioning.....the internal packing is poor to say the least,take it out and get some substantial lagging wired in,the original will soon blow out if you don't.Cheap silencer but good value.


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    The silencer in the link looks like an Emgo silencer. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's what it is.

    Repacking the silencer and a "crumb cup" modification wIll help. I have a shorty Emgo that has a "raspy" bark and I'm getting ready to repack it and add a crumb cup like Rycra does: here's the video:

    The packing is inexpensive and I purchased a stainless steel crumb cup for a couple of dollars. I will post the results of my repacking and modification.
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    Thanks all , went for this tulip in the end ,Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20160915_151026.jpg 
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ID:	2049 with this baffle Click image for larger version. 

Name:	baff.jpeg 
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    Not riden with it yet as waiting on a chain but it starts and idles the same as stock , dont know if i will need to re jet .
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    I repacked my Emgo Dunstall style muffler two or three times. The best sound was with some ceramic wool I had recycled.
    Unfortunately, it didn't last too long. Shame, as it had a deep, throaty thump.
    I bought Lexx 4 stroke silencer packing off Amazon and repacked it with that. It sounds good and didn't blow out.

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    Hi Nozz

    I'm from Oxford so happy to take you through my experiments, I've taken off the short exhaust as it was too noisy for me even with lots of packing. Interested to find out how you get on.


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    Im dont think Im going out on a limb to say it is a waste of time and money, No way is this by any description a 'silencer'!
    Any update on that Lexx packing Jaymo? My back-up Emgo is just obnoxious and blew out my basic repack in 30mi.
    Thus far Ive also tried variations on machine washers with different size center holes dropped in the inlet side of the inner perf tube to sit atop the integral baffle plate and just today made up a new 'baffle plate and mounted it 1/2 way between the oem one and the inlet side of the perf tube., this thinking I could shunt the gas into the outer chamber sooner and have it coming back in downstream thus breaking up the noise vibes. Short a Db meter it seems only a little 'better'. I think I need an another baffle plate to the outside of the perf tube to can wall AND some good wrap, thus the question about the Lexx.
    I have to say that these are a snap to get the reverse cone off to rework the guts with it all mounted up on the bike, but that is the only good thing so far. One guy online said it well,"These are NOT a muffler, they are an extension for your straight pipe(s)'.
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    I have just repacked my muffler with a fiberglass tape - almost like that tape that they use on the outside of the headers
    I had a full roll of it , so I just wrapped it around the silencer as much as I could & crammed it back in .
    Its on my SRX6 & it does sound very sweet now ( a bit like a 450 dirt bike)
    It got rid of that metalic type sound
    I had fiberglass wool in it before , but I was never that happy with it
    Cheers Dave

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