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SR500?? Please Help me identify or find this bike!!

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I saw these photos Yamaha on the AMA VINTAGE DAYS LEXINGTON , Ohio website and fell in love with this bike. I saw the for sale sign on it so was wondering A: iF ANYONE CAN IDENTIFY THE BIKE ( SOMEONE SAID ITS A SR500 ) B: IF ANYONE KNOWS WHO'S IT IS OR WHERE IT CAN BE FOUND C: IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN RECREATING THE BIKE FOR ME OR HELPING ME FIND A SR500 (IF THAT'S WHAT IT IS) SO I CAN RECREATE IT. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! steve
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  1. JAYRO's Avatar
    Hi Steve,
    Yes, I am pretty sure that it is a SR500 (or a SR400) based racer.
    Get a SR500/400 - not sure how you can find your local area - probably eBay?? then swap wheels, seat, clip on bars and exhaust pipe then it will get really close to the bike we see in the picture (of course you need to work on some cosmetics to be exact).
  2. Ruttly's Avatar
    Yup it's a SR500 , Stock frame,swingarm,forks,wheels,tank. Engine most likely modded. Very cool bike , should be easy to recreate it. Hang lights & a mirror on it , be a blast to ride on some twisties !